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advanced the idea that there are a number of factors which make up intelligence.

Spearman (1923) but forward the idea that there is a general factor of intelligence, called 'g'.

Two modern theories of intelligence have broken away from the older factor theories and proposed that it involves multiple interrelated concepts that are built up into a complex system.

Gardner (1983) proposed seven different intelligences including musical intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, spatial intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence.

Criticisms of Gardner's theory have focussed on the fact that intelligences tend to be correlated with one another, suggesting they are not independent factors.

Intelligence Essays

In addition, all of the factors are not of equal weight - the body-kinaesthetic and musical intelligences are seen as less important.

A child’s parents are the first people that the child encounters in their lives, therefore, during the first years of life, they are the ones who influence and teach the child the most.

The way that parents treat their child greatly affects their intelligence level.

Throughout pregnancy, and immediately after birth, new mothers are faced with the infamous question: Whether or not they will breast-feed?

Breast-feeding provides immunity to diseases and infections, aids in overall growth, and most importantly, promotes Toys with colours, textures, materials, sounds, buttons, and that are interactive promote learning without the child even realizing that they are in fact learning.


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