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In addition to his work at IANA, after becoming the RFC Editor in the early 1970's, he oversaw the documentation of the Internet's procedures and technical standards for a quarter of a century.He helped develop many of the Internet protocols, including the Domain Name System, File Transfer Protocol, Telnet, and the Internet Protocol itself.

IANA's birth can be traced to 1969, when Postel first started keeping lists of network protocol numbers on a scrap of notebook paper.

Postel joined the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California in 1977, and later became Director of the Computer Networks Division. Reynolds since 1983, he expanded the IANA staff and functions to keep the Internet running smoothly through the explosive growth years of the 1990's.

, and protocol parameters since the early days of the Internet.

The IANA is housed at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, where it manages a diverse database of Internet Protocol parameters and values for the ICANN, from port assignments to IETF XML URIs, ensuring they are assigned correctly and uniquely.

As part of the IANA functions, PTI allocates IP address space from the pool of unallocated addresses to the RIRs according to their needs and in line with current global numbering policy.

PTI also maintains a registry of the IP address blocks and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) that have been allocated to each RIR.IANA is an acronym for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, one of the Internet's oldest institutions.IANA is responsible for managing the root zone of the Domain Name System (DNS), coordinating global Internet Protocol (IP) address allocation, and managing IP numbering systems.Jon's contributions went well beyond IANA -- he played a unique and pivotal role in the development and maintenance of the Internet in its first years.His contributions started early -- he worked for Douglas Engelbart at SRI International where he helped develop the NLS system which became the second computer on the ARPANET, and he worked at the Network Measurement Centre for Leonard Kleinrock where he helped connect the first computer to the ARPANET.Basically, they take care of maintaining and managing the technical functions that keep the Internet running smoothly.IANA's services are provided by Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), an affiliate of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). IANA coordinates all top-level domains such as and and country codes such as and .ca, which is necessary for the Internet's root servers and naming system (see DNS).It is also a registry for the many numerical codes assigned to data types and commands in the large variety of protocols used on the Internet, including routing and email protocols, port numbers and multicast and Ethernet addresses.One of the key bodies overseeing Internet networking. IANA governs top-level domains—represented by the final part of Web domain names, such as .com, .org, or


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