Isaac Newton Research Paper

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This was never fully resolved, and it is now accepted that both of these great mathematicians developed calculus independently, albeit influenced by each other’s work and initially, at least, acknowledging the findings of the other.

Controversy also surrounded Newton’s treatment of Robert Hooke, the father of microscopy and the scholar who proposed the inverse square law of gravity.

When talking of Renaissance history and the Enlightenment, Isaac Newton (1643-1727) stands as the scholar who oversaw the transformation from Renaissance thought, still largely built around a religious framework, to a quest for knowledge without the need for God.

While Newton was a religious man, his research, theories, and philosophy caused a subtle shift in thought and the shaping of modern science, as we know it, although the wider picture is a little more complicated; the Reformation; the rise of the New World; and increased mobility of people and ideas also contributed.

His Mastership of the Mint was, by no means, a full-time position and his thoroughness and efficiency meant that he had plenty of free time for his academic pursuits, returning to his work on mathematics.

Amongst a raft of papers, he produced further work on optics, new and updated versions of the principia, and a few other books, the .During his school years, he showed inquisitiveness and a thirst for learning, burying himself in his books and neglecting his duties on the family farm.His potential may have been wasted had his mother had her way and insisted on him becoming a member of the noble Lincolnshire farming community, but his Cambridge-educated uncle had different ideas and saw a great deal of untapped intellectual potential in the boy.During his studies, he was introduced to Cartesian physics and philosophy, as well as the work of Kepler in planetary motion and Galileo’s mechanics.Due to his teacher, Isaac Barrow’s interest in optics, the young student developed a sophisticated knowledge in this field, the area that he soon mastered and which would contribute to many of his breakthroughs.Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist.He was considered one of the greatest scientists in history.He returned to school and finished his studies, entering the notable Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1661, where he embraced the academic life and embarked on a course of self-improvement, always striving to fill gaps in his knowledge.Here, he had access to all the latest works in science, philosophy and religion, contributing to a well-rounded education.Newton was also the culminating figure in the scientific revolution of the 17th century.Newton was best known for his discovery that the force called gravity affects all objects in space and on earth.. 17) His Father died only three months before he was born (Sir Isaac Newton 1). When his mother returned to Woolsthorpe in 1653, Newton was withdrawn from school to fulfill his birthright as a farmer. During the plague years, Isaac Newton laid the foundation for elementary differential and integral Calculus.


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