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Any spot in Japan that's considered romantic such as observation decks with a good view of a city are always busy with couples.One old tradition amongst couples is to write a message on a lock and leave it at a romantic spot.It's traditionally believed that the spirit world comes close to our world at this time and that demons are likely to appear.

Any spot in Japan that's considered romantic such as observation decks with a good view of a city are always busy with couples.

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Armies of Miko are hired to decorate the branches known as Fukusasa.

The Japanese language has a single word for burning down a mountain: yamayaki.

This was once only practiced in Osaka but has spread nationwide in recent years due to the marketing efforts of Japanese convenience stores.

Eating ehomaki is an auspicious activity that's done in complete silence.

Much like bread, it's rare to meet someone who doesn't like mochi.

Ehomaki are a Setsubun tradition that involves eating an entire uncut roll of sushi while facing a lucky direction that changes each year.

The term literally means "forget the year party." Most companies hold at least one.

In many cases they are held at the company, department and team levels. All of these parties make it difficult to get reservations at popular izakaya in December.

People bring a small towel into the bath area for this purpose.

The towel has been used to wash and shouldn't enter the bath water.


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