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Occasionally she remains stuck in the clichés of Cold War polemic, and here her reading of Marx can be weak.But where she breaks with this blindness, she develops brilliant insights. Though he accepts the arguments of the latter half of the book, with its praise of Rosa Luxemburg’s “council communism,” Harrington rejects the argument upon which Arendt’s praise rests: the priority of political rights over social amelioration.

In our post-Occupy era, the starkness of Arendt’s dichotomy may strike us as exaggerated, yet she stuck to it.

Late in life, when her friend Mary Mc Carthy asked her why certain social matters could not simply be defined as rights (health care, say), she dodged the question.

The book makes clear Arendt’s deep regard for, and apprehension at, the revolutionary claims of Marxism.

Like Marx, Arendt understands revolution to be the product of the disjuncture between modernity’s ideals of justice and equality and the realities of capitalism.

Das Manuskript, auf dessen Grundlage Marx 1841 in Jena zum Dr.

Erhalten ist nur eine von Marx durchgesehene unvollständige Abschrift von unbekannter Hand, die zum ersten Mal in der Marx- Engels-Gesamtausgabe, Erste Abteilung, Band 1/1, Frankfurt a. As in her conversation, Arendt’s writing on social concerns is often characterized by defensiveness, yet she does criticize capitalism.This volume is a boon to those interested in her idiosyncratic thought on economic matters, in particular her distance from both socialist and free market thinkers.The new volume on Marx will force scholars to reevaluate some of their presumption.By arranging some essays that Arendt ultimately published, such as “Understanding and Politics,” within their chronological context along unpublished pieces, such as “Karl Marx and the Tradition of Western Political Thought: The Modern Challenge to Tradition,” the editors piece together the material for a book length study that ventures into the profound territory laying in between .Presenting texts (in both German and English) written between 19, it is a formidable task of intellectual historical reconstruction.It fills in two lacunae in Arendt’s work: the intellectual labor connecting (1958), and the development of Arendt’s thought across the 1950s through a series of fragmented engagements with the writings of Marx and through polemics with American and German peers. Some of Arendt’s ideas on Marx are incorporated into volumes published during her lifetime, including The Human Condition, and others have since appeared in posthumous volumes edited by Jerome Kohn.(German professors are traditionally required to write this second doctoral dissertation in order to receive a permanent post.) Her experience of anti-Semitism drove her to explicit political commitments, and she began to work with Zionist organizations conducting research on the dire state of Germany's Jews.This work made her an enemy of the Nazis, forcing her into exile in 1933 in France. – Die Anmerkungen zum Text bestehen zum überwiegenden Teil aus Quellennachweisen und originalsprachlichen Zitaten. Wiedergegeben werden lediglich drei allgemein interessierende Sachanmerkungen.Hannah Arendt, edited by Barbara Hahn and James Mc Farland, with Ingo Kieslich and Ingeborg Nordmann Wallstein Verlag, € 49.00 (cloth) In this era of economic precarity and resurgent authoritarianism, it is unsurprising that both Karl Marx and Hannah Arendt occupy a central place in many readers’ minds—and a lingering one on their nightstands.


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