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That example tells a more compelling story than “I want a better job.”6.

Show that you have the personal and professional qualifications to achieve your goals (which means you need to have goals! To take the last example, if you have strong experience in managing a team, but would like to switch to the startup or nonprofit or other fields, you need to show - through your MBA programs are looking for qualified, experienced, and motivated candidates.

By the time you are applying, you probably cannot significantly alter your GPA or GMAT/GRE score.

Thus, if your numbers make you a “borderline candidate” – someone who is your greatest opportunity to swing the decision in your favor.

Before taking advantage of the resources below, we strongly recommend you write the first draft on your own, according to the specifications provided by the institution or organization.

Your style of writing in the letter is a reflection of your character and personality, and you would not want that tainted by following a textbook format.Most people enjoy participating in activities outside of only school and work.Maybe you play the harmonica in a folk band, maybe you were a track star in college. Whatever experiences and background you bring to your application, the personal statement for business school is your chance to tie them together in a meaningful way.manner as well.” If you can’t come up with a memorable and compelling answer in a few seconds, go back to the drawing very similar to a business’s “30-second elevator speech”.Even if you are applying to business school as a more experienced applicant, you need to have a compelling answer for "Why an MBA now?"Maybe you have been working your way up the ladder at an investment bank for the past few years, and you want an MBA so that you can take your managerial skills to the startup world.If you're a new graduate student, please click here to hear a short pep talk.Before you start working on a specific assignment, please view the resources linked below to receive an introduction to academic research and writing at RRU: Now that you're ready to begin the process of writing a specific assignment, this guide will take you step-by-step through the process of researching and writing an assignment with resources, tips, and suggestions from both the Library and the Writing Centre.If the answer you suggest in your application is that you want an MBA in order to get a pay raise at your current job, then a school might be less inclined to admit you.Top MBA programs are looking for people who will leave their schools to become change-makers and leaders in the business world.


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