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In fact, the company has a gaggle of “acquisition editors” who search the web all day and night and then send spam emails to their unlucky targets who have recently completed a dissertation.LAP is an imprint of VDM Publishing, which is headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany.

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In this and all other cases, be sure you are satisfied that the advantages of publishing, such as visibility and recognition for your work, outweigh any loss of control over the content.

If you publish with Lambert, your thesis will be published without editing and with virtually no format change from the final version approved by the University.

I am therefore wondering if you would be interested in cooperating with us towards a worldwide marketed publication of your work.

Your reply including an e-mail address to which I could send an e-mail with further information in an attachment would be greatly appreciated. The sig area of the email included a link to their web site: the information that their Board of Directors included: Dr. Bischoff (Chairman), RA Thomas Bischoff, RA André Gottschalk Then last May, I got another email from them: I am writing on behalf of an international publishing house, Lambert Academic Publishing.

So while I would be supremely embarrassed walking into my western tenure review with a single book . Cologne, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co.

Because, after all, this is Academics in the Desert.

Wolfgang Müller (CEO), Christoph Schulligen, Jürgen Gerber, Esther von Krosigk Supervisory Board: Prof. In the course of a research on the University of California, I came across a reference to your thesis on “The Games Fairies Play: Otherworld Intruders in Medieval English and Celtic Literary Narrative”.

We are an international publisher whose aim is to make academic research available to a wider audience.

The Wikipedia article about VDM Publishing provides a good description of the company’s questionable practices.

I won’t do a full analysis here because that’s already been done quite well by other bloggers.


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