Law School Essays That Made A Difference

Law School Essays That Made A Difference-47
If you’re a serious collegiate athlete, write about that.If you’ve had significant leadership positions in student government or non-profits, then write about how they’ve matured you or how you hope to carry those efforts forward with a legal education.

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In all instances, you should double-space your personal statement and put your name and Social Security number at the top of every page.This sounds like such obvious advice, but each year law schools receive the wrong personal statement from an applicant and that, alone, is enough to deny you admission.The whole point of writing a strong personal statement is to convince an admissions committee that your written communication skills and some aspect of your life are more compelling than another applicant with a similar LSAT score.Your job is to advocate in the most effective way possible on behalf of your own law school candidacy.To “win” this case, you have to convince the judge and jury (the admissions committee) that your candidacy is compelling enough to gain admission.Ask your 3 closest family members and 3 closest friends to list the qualities they admire most about you, and the accomplishments, obstacles overcome in life, and life and academic experiences that most immediately come to mind when they think of you.Compile and condense those lists to see which qualities, accomplishments, obstacles overcome, life and academic experiences would make the best source material for a law school personal statement.The spelling and grammar of your personal statement must be flawless.Most personal statements are only two pages/500 words or so length.Then add these to your chronology (and for the qualities, list any life experiences that exemplify those qualities).When canvassing your family and friends, you may want to show them your chronology as a way to help move along your conversations with them.


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