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Further experiments have held de Broglie's hypothesis to be true, including the quantum variants of the double slit experiment.

Further experiments have held de Broglie's hypothesis to be true, including the quantum variants of the double slit experiment.Diffraction experiments in 1999 confirmed the de Broglie wavelength for the behavior of molecules as large as buckyballs, which are complex molecules made up of 60 or more carbon atoms.Though de Broglie's hypothesis predicts wavelengths for ​matter of any size, there are realistic limits on when it's useful.

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He soon began teaching physics first at the Sorbonne and later at the Henri Poincaré Institute. Below is given the text of the speech Louis de Broglie delivered in Stockholm upon receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929, When, in 1920, I resumed my investigations in theoretical Physics after a long interruption through circumstances out of my own control, I was far from imagining that this research would within a few years be rewarded by the lofty and coveted distinction given each year by the Swedish Academy of Sciences: the Nobel Prize in Physics.

He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929 after experiments by Clinton Davisson and Lester Germer published in 1927 proved his analysis to be correct. At that time what drew me towards theoretical Physics was not the hope that so high a distinction would ever crown my labours: what attracted me was the mystery which was coming to envelop more and more deeply the structure of Matter and of radiation in proportion as the strange concept of the quantum, introduced by Planck about 1900 during his research on black body radiation, came to extend over the entire field of Physics.

28 pages, 25 eqs, 47 refs; Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of matter wave appearance in the Ph.

Louis de Broglie (properly pronounced BROY) was born August 15th, 1892 in Dieppe, France and grew up living in the family manor house.

His father was the 6th Duc de Broglie and Louis in the course of time became the 8th Duc de Broglie.

He was a prince and as such was expected to pursue a gentlemanly career and uphold the family traditions.

He volunteered for military service and spent the war years in Paris assisting in the development of wireless communication from the Eiffel Tower.

After the War he entered a doctoral program in physics at the University of Paris.

The de Broglie hypothesis showed that wave-particle duality was not merely an aberrant behavior of light, but rather was a fundamental principle exhibited by both radiation and matter.

As such, it becomes possible to use wave equations to describe material behavior, so long as one properly applies the de Broglie wavelength.


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