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Though the divorce in the US rate has seen ups and downs during the last few years, it is still alarmingly higher compared to what it was a few decades ago.

The only thing that will truly bring security is having a strong relationship, based on trust, no matter the legal status.

Marriage does not bring security in a relationship.

There are too many people deciding to get married for the wrong reason.

They promise to keep their love through the whole life. As it can be seen from the life experience, marriage can be either successful or not.

The deal is that couples make their choice here by themselves. The best friends, who have no secrets and nothing to hide away.There’s no longer a stigma on you if you have a child without getting married.While, in the past, having a child before marriage was terrifying for a woman due to social stigmatization, nowadays, we’ve become considerably more open-minded.It is not something that just happens from time to time. Millions of colors and brush movements create own love story for each couple.Researchers claim that married people are happier and less depressed if comparing to the unmarried ones. You are spending time with a person you want to see each morning. Among them are children, problem solving, communication and influences. Support, never-ending portion of love and admiration – these things make a marriage perfect.Love is mysterious and magical, and it should stay that way. The beauty of love is that it is undefined, it is unique to you and your beloved one, and it is continually changing as you grow together.I neither need nor want my love to be defined in legal terms.How do u think, could a person survive alone in this world without support? But, describing the life of that person, we can use nothing but grey colors and feeling of despair. While others are looking for a loving spouse, to live the life he/she has imagined. Someone feels that support from family members, friends, etc.Actually, according to a Pew report, even in 2008, over 40 percent of births were to unmarried women – and the number has risen during the last few years.In addition, according to the HHS, a third of children adoptions in the US are by single parents or unmarried couples.


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