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Afterwards, go back to Wong for thanks and a reward; the story will be mentioned in news reports on elevator rides.This assignment is only available if Commander Shepard has the Spacer background, and if the player has completed one of the core missions.Just don't overwrite it accidentally or you'll have to start a new play through.

You'll find some data regarding the Geth while finishing another (optional) mission on an uncharted planet.

You have the choice of either giving it to Tali, ensuring that she has something to bring back from her pilgrimage, or you can just be a jerk and keep it.

Wong explains she is planning to do a story on overworked traffic controllers.

She needs audio and visual evidence for her story, so she has prepared a bug and asks you to plant it in the traffic control center of C-Sec. If you agree to plant the bug, go into the C-Sec Academy and plant it near the keeper that is in the control room up the stairs.

Keep him in your party throughout all missions and assignments. While most of these open up automatically throughout the story line, there is one tricky one that you have to hunt for first: Novario: Quarantine ( Zen Cohen in the medical bay at Rift Station on Novaria and talk to him about a cure. You'll need to complete around 40-45 assignments with Garrus in your party.

For optimal effect, choose a character that is stronger in assault or casting depending on your character class. If you fly through the missions, make a game save right before leaving the Citadel for Ilos and play a bunch of assignments to be sure.

I'm eager to get onto ME2, which most people say the is the shit, so I'm kinda speed blitzing through ME1.

Are there any side quests that are important or unlock certain things in ME2?

This has no real consequences either way, even in future games. During UNC: Geth Incursions, Shepard can find a cache of data in a terminal detailing the early history of the Geth.

If you give this to Tali, she will use it as a gift from her Pilgrimage.


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