Measurement Problem Solving

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Work through the warm up section below with your children and then try the worksheet before moving on to the main part of the lesson.

Distance tells you how far apart objects are and is measured in metric units. Weight is how heavy an object is and can be affected by forces such as gravity.

The chart below shows you metric distance units from smallest to largest. You may weigh less on the moon, where there no gravity but your mass is the same!

The chart below shows you the metric mass units from smallest to largest.

Suppose your children asks"What time dinner will be served?

" You can say, "It's now, dinner will be ready at .

Although the metric measurement system is not predominantly used in the United States, it is easy to find contexts where metric units are used alone or in addition to customary units.

For example, food product weights are typically labeled with both customary and metric units.


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