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It’s a roadmap of the goals and strategies you’ll need to turn your idea into a reality – and importantly, a long-term success.

The plan isn’t something to hash out and leave to gather dust, it is a document that will evolve as your practice does.

But one resource that seems endless — and free — is the professional ethic of medical staff members. If doctors and nurses clocked out when their paid hours were finished, the effect on patients would be calamitous. In a factory, if 30 percent more items were suddenly dropped onto an assembly line, the process would grind to a halt. is now “conveniently available” to log into from home.

Doctors and nurses know this, which is why they don’t shirk. The demands on medical professionals have escalated relentlessly in the past few decades, without a commensurate expansion of time and resources. The medical complexity per patient — the number and severity of chronic conditions — has steadily increased, meaning that medical encounters are becoming ever more involved. R., and no one wants to go back to the old days of chasing down lost charts and deciphering inscrutable handwriting. Primary-care doctors spend nearly two hours typing into the E. Imagine a plumber or a lawyer doing 30 percent more work without billing for it. Many of my colleagues devote their weekends and evenings to the spillover work.

You are at your daughter’s recital and you get a call that your elderly patient’s son needs to talk to you urgently. You’re only allotted 15 minutes for a visit, but your patient’s medical needs require 45.

A colleague has a family emergency and the hospital needs you to work a double shift. These quandaries are standard issue for doctors and nurses.Today’s medical practice owners must blend business know-how with their medical expertise to champion a profitable organisation around their unique vision.If you want to thrive, grow, and offer exceptional care for your patients, the journey begins with a healthcare business plan like we’re about to outline. Your medical practice business plan is more than notes on a spare piece of paper.Those at the top need to think about the ramifications of their decisions.Counting on nurses and doctors to suck it up because you know they won’t walk away from their patients is not just bad strategy. If we converted even half of those salary lines to additional nurses and doctors, we might have enough clinical staff members to handle the work.Health care is about taking care of patients, not paperwork.As a young fellow or a seasoned practitioner, opening your own medical practice is a compelling aspiration that you want to make a reality.Make no mistake: being a great doctor is not enough to create a successful business.It is this very ethic that is being exploited every day to keep the enterprise afloat.The health care system needs to be restructured to reflect the realities of patient care.


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