Mergers And Acquisitions Research Papers

The impact of M&As is focused or proposed to identify about the wealth of the shareholders in the literature and the objective reality is known is known in the research methodology.The positivist philosophy is tested and the research problem is aimed by the researcher so that the objective of the study or existing literature could be evaluated and the impact of M&As on shareholder’s wealth through the positivist research philosophy can be known.

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The companies are focused on the firms and managements for the crucial growth and the competitiveness because firm are considerably impacted by the frequent implications of the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the industry.

Moreover, the companies are investing the money and making the decision or announcement so that there could be the benefits or the substantial impact on the mergers of companies and acquisitions.

The wealth of the shareholders because the significant relationship is focused on the M&A and there is the importance of relationship and the activities on the shareholder’s wealth.

The proposed research paper of based on the methodical manner and the relationship of the mergers and acquisitions.

There is the Correlational research design so that the statistical relationship can be found in two or more variables, the uncover associations can be discovered and learn through significant research design (Mligo, 2016).

For the research model the secondary quantitative research is a focus in order to analyze the relationship, however, the number of mergers and acquisition is focused as the independent variables and the shareholder’s wealth is focused as the dependent variable.

The research strategy that is used in the case is based on the research methodology because basically the strategies are adopted to collect the data regarding the issues that are faced in the case.

However, the effective approach is used toward analyzing the data through the research inquiry.

For the efficient market power companies have to restructure the abilities, and the resources.

The companies are using different form corporate synergies for the acquisitions and for mutual benefits.


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