Moral And Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Failing that, you could make a small cash donation and a one-off larger donation to a charity that has the experts to deal with the bigger picture.Then the smart thing is to link what you’ve said to the workplace.

However, allowing a patient to die of a treatable condition feels wrong on many levels.

Thinking through this further, we must look closely at our values as a country and a health system: thanks to EMTALA, we ensure that no patient will ever be allowed to die of an emergency condition while in a hospital; thus, we value saving people from imminent, preventable death.

What if you knew more of this patient’s backstory, such as the fact that his mother sold one of her kidneys in the underground organ trade to be able to pay for his hospital visits and tests in El Salvador—would these narrative details change how you felt about spending the money for his care?

Is it fair for these details to influence your decision?

He is accompanied by his aunt, who explains to you that he has recently traveled from El Salvador, where he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that, if untreated, will result in his death within six months.

Moral And Ethical Dilemma Essay

After further inquiry, you determine that his cancer is treatable, but will require ,000 of your budget to save his life. The ethical dilemma in this case is one that physicians and public health practitioners confront often, particularly in very low-resource settings: the care of the individual versus the equitable distribution of resources to the society at large.Where’s the dilemma in generally doing the right thing and avoiding doing the wrong thing?3 has potential, but doesn’t go into the issues in enough depth.However, if you give this tricky graduate job interview question some thought in advance, you should be able to identify a situation you’ve come across where there could be different points of view about the right course of action.Here are some replies to avoid, as well as an example that could be opened up for further discussion in your interview.You might say that your dilemma here is to balance wanting to help an individual (homeless person) with focusing your resources effectively.If you have time, your first action might be to offer to buy a warm snack as that resource is targeted.For example, you might observe: ‘For me, this shows that ethical issues are often complex and that applies to ethical issues at work.If there are ethically tough choices to make, I would always want to look at every possible course of action and the consequences of each – and then consult with colleagues before making a decision.’ This both addresses the question posed by the interviewer and provides an answer to another question that you haven’t been asked directly, but which puts you in a good light.How we judge what is right versus wrong is very challenging in medicine and public health, and even more so when two choices might both actually be “right” in their own way, which is far more often the case. One way to approach this ethical problem is from the perspective of moral distress.Moral distress is a term originally coined from the nursing field referring to the stress that is birthed from one’s inability to turn moral positions into complementary moral action—in other words, feeling like you know what the “right” choice is, but being unable to act on it for some reason.


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