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But my biological mother helped me to understand things every time I’m having a hard time making up things on my mind and in that early age, I can say I am awaken in a world where I always understood and trying hard to understand things the way they were and I’ve been trying hard to act normal and accept those things in my life for the sake of my mother and sister and also for my future.

Before she left and went far from us, she advised us to stay kind, to always obey to what our father’s telling us to do, to join his other families nicely, and lastly to pursue and continue our studies for we won’t have hard times in making a living in the near future.

I have five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. A family that which people love to degrade and criticize because my biological mother was just one of the mistresses of my father that had, a family that has no permanent home because we always move from one place to another.

Another story of an embroiled family, typical but for me it wasn’t the kind of family I’ve dream of, we grew in a way of seeking and sharing attention from our own father.

This wasn’t easy for us because he’s not really being attentive to us and sometimes he doesn’t really cared at all but in that young age of mine, I know that my mother’s decision was not displeasing, but all she knew that my father can gave us the life that she can’t give.

It wasn’t easy for me to understand those kinds of things that time because I was just a kid then for Pete’s sake!After serving people or while serving them, I’d start saving money in the year of 2018, for building my own business.Of course I cannot rely on the salary I am earning from being a police officer, that cost wasn’t just enough to make a good and enough living to be called successful.I’m pursuing my studies in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina as a third year student of Bachelor of Sciences in Criminology. A junkshop and a store wherein sports gears, figurines, bags and other stuffs can be find.I can say that my family is stable as of now, which is a good thing.How can I help other people if I can’t even help myself to progress? Come to think it, police officers nowadays have been using their capability, position, and connections to put up a business which is obviously an illegal one, simply because they want a sure pull of money.I swear to myself that I will never be one of them; I am contented with what I would have as long as there’s no one being affected of the business I want to put up.She left us to our father’s supervision, not because she didn’t want us anymore but due to financial problems.My mother has no regular job and because she was just a janitress that time and her salary was not enough to raise my sister and I, she said my father has the competence of raising children because he was working in a company and earning a salary which is capable of sending his children to school and obviously he won’t fail to set three meals in a day.There’s nothing wrong in wishing for good things to happen, is there?Well, my course has been teaching me to be a good individual and as one of the citizens in the society I am involved in.


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