Natural Disasters Assignment

Natural Disasters Assignment-2
Evidence from Disaster Risk Reduction Spending in Bangladesh. Floods and Spillovers: Households after the 2011 Great Flood in Thailand.

Evidence from Disaster Risk Reduction Spending in Bangladesh. Floods and Spillovers: Households after the 2011 Great Flood in Thailand. Poverty and Natural Disasters: A Meta-Regression Analysis. Review of Economics and Institutions A Non-Monetary Global Measure of the Direct Impact of Natural Disasters. The Canterbury Rebuild Five Years on from the Christchurch Earthquake. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (2015).(data appendix / raw data). It should be noted that states with civil protection shelters for use in wartime have at their disposal an additional safety measure to protect their citizens in case of an earthquake and, more particularly, from the aftershocks.

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In the Aftermath of Large Natural Disasters, What Happens to Foreign Aid?

A Reassessment of the Impact of the 1995 Earthquake. Economic Development and Cultural Change (2015) (web appendix). Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic Growth. w/ Juan Pantano, Eduardo Cavallo and Sebastian Galiani. Investing in Early Warning Systems: A Global Fund for Disaster Preparedness. Hurricane Iniki: Measuring the Long-Term Economic Impact of a Natural Disaster Using Synthetic Control.

Introduction The term "earthquake" or seismic tremor is a good description of the natural phenomenon which suddenly strikes an area causing damage that varies according to the intensity of the quake and local geological conditions.

Close to the epicentre of the quake, the damage is direct, resulting in immediate destruction, such as collapsed buildings and other infrastructure, and indirect or secondary, resulting, for example, in fires, landslides, ruptured water and gas mains, interruption of electricity supplies, floods, etc..

It should be noted that the main quake is regularly followed by after-tremors, which may occur a few hours, days or even months later and which can be as violent as the initial earthquake.

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These can cause considerable additional damage which, unless protective measures are taken by the political authorities and their intervening bodies, can result in numerous victims.

Another example is when a volcanic eruption (a geological event) spews ash and dust into the atmosphere to cause lower temperatures (a meteorological event).

The effects of natural disasters are many and varied.

Some are short term effects that can be fixed with relative ease while others last for years.

Natural disasters have three general types of effects: primary effects, secondary effects, and tertiary effects.


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