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This is collected along with the default code if you clone the repository.

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Note, do not include any merge commits in your PR or work directly on the master or nomencl branches, as this project follows a trunk based development model.

Alternatively, zipped “builds” of the template can be download directly from Github.

I'll try to make a shortcut within Kile to knock that out automatically.

Thanks very much again, you've saved me another day of bumbling about the internet because I refuse on principal to work in windows :) P. You're right, FC5 and FC3 work on the same version of nomencl - ________________________________ \Provides Package% [2000/12/03 v3.1a Nomenclature package (BS)] \Needs Te XFormat ________________________________ How/where do I put forward the suggestion for its update to the newer version?

To request the newer version in Fedora, I believe you have to file a request at Red Hat's bugzilla ( page.

The Fedora developers and package maintainers don't look at these forums for requests.

This template is appropriate for the current thesis regulations which can be found here and, yes, they do want a Sans font for the titles.

Fortunately, the template has a number of built in options (which can use just serif fonts, for instance) so there is a level of customisation available.

Some people never really get it, but if you do then the strength of this excellent typesetting system will enable you to make professional looking, quality documents with relative ease.

The main trick is to treat it like a programming language, so if you’re reading this on this scientific computing wiki, then you should be all right.


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