Non Material Things That Make Me Happy Essay

baggage that doesn't satisfy us (past the few initial moments of possession).On the other hand, there are some things that money does/can buy that are necessities for life ... " and think that in our possession crazed world, it's advice that we could all benefit from.On the other hand, happiness is a complex emotion that is influenced by intangible factors such as one’s personality.

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After that point, income does not have much of an effect on emotional wellbeing.

Research has previously shown that low income families are more likely to divorce than higher income families (see NCFR link), and that lower income couples were more likely to have their relationship negatively influenced by money problems.

Clearly, though, a single parent earning that salary will earn far below the 'happiness threshold', and will suffer from many of the financial troubles experienced by low income families.

Essentially, I think the data shows us that money can buy happiness if you are in poverty or struggling with money.

Of course it all depends upon which level of happiness one is speaking of when asking if money can buy happiness.

On the most basic levels, money most definitiely can buy happiness.

Looking back over my life, I think there have only been moments when I felt "happy," whatever "happy" is.

This happiness may have sometimes had something to do with getting hold of some money, but the money itself never bought much happiness, although it bought comfort and security and a very few possessions that were satisfying to own.

It is indisputably happiness to buy wholesome and adequate food to serve your family and yourself and your beloved four-footed furry friends.

It is most certainly happiness to have money for some form of transportation, be it public transit or private automobile, that allows the escape from walking 1 or 2 miles carrying supplies for familiy meals for a day or two. The problem is that when our happiness is met at one level, our desires and definitions of happiness continue in an accretion process, growing ever larger and more complex, and soon the capacity of money to provide is outstripped by the nature of our dreams of happiness: money can't buy happiness in the abstract but it most definitely can buy happiness in the concrete on the first several most fundamental and necessary levels, including an education and accoutraments for securing a well paying job.


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