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Moreover, some of the bigger journals have more rigorous processes which lead to further delay.

For instance, many journals have an admin check once they receive a submission.

This is done by editorial assistants to check whether the basic journal requirements related to article length, type, supporting documents, etc. Once this is done, the paper is assigned to an editor.

Once again, this can be a more elaborate process for larger journals: often, subject editors or handling editors have to be selected and invitations sent out to them.I have given my RFC ID's SAP_ALL/NEW just to ensure it is not a rights issue.I am not getting any errors in SLG1 I have defined my "Change" 02 request type and maintained the below actions.I can create folder,read and send email from the mailbox of user 'abc'.But When I try to search for another mailbox 'def' using the method 'Get Searchable Mailboxes', I get the following error.I have gotten provisioning of a user to a single role to work but when Run the Repository synch job after the update and then try to remove the role that I just added to my test user I gett the dreaded "Single Role Z**** is not assigned to a user in System XXXXXX.The Remove action cannot be performed" Again I have run the repository synch job and it allows me to see the role on the user and select it to be removed but I still get the error.does not contain predetermined reports to identify transactions that have not been assigned to a job.A Profit and Loss by Job will contain all jobs with activity during the period specified in columns across the report; however, those costs not assigned to jobs will not be contained in the report.This report will be exactly the same as the Profit and Loss by Job report already defined in the Report Center, with one important difference, a column entitled No Name In which are all of the costs not associated with a job will appear.Quick Zoom on any row in the column to see the detail of the costs that have not been assigned to a job.


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