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Taking effective notes during the research process saves time and energy, and ensures a well thought-out essay.Notecards taken on 3×5 lined index cards are an excellent method to keep careful records of your research.These note cards are instrumental in making an outline of the research paper.

You should also include the page number, the chapter number, the date of publication, and the author.

The purpose of note cards is to gather, summarize andorganize all the information required for a research paper.

Once you have determined the source is reliable and credible, jot down all of the information you will need for your paper.

Getting Started Index cards can be used several different ways.

You can also include any other identifying information, including page numbers: In the center of the card, place the fact, thought or quote you want to include in your paper.

You might use a direct quote, a paraphrase, or you might want to use a bullet-point list of facts or data.

What matters the most is appropriate referencing of the information and its proper structuring in regard to the research project in focus.

These note cards are really helpful in not just building up the entire curation plan but also fosters the researcher to further strengthen the weightage of research paper body in terms of the shared information and concluded facts.

) When writing a research paper, the end result depends on the effectiveness of your research.

Many beginning writers search online databases and web pages, printing piles of articles, but fail to take notes as they read.


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