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Damron PDF COMPETITIVE FOOD POLICY IMPLEMENTATION IN KENTUCKY SCHOOLS, Paula Gisler PDF Effects of Obesity On United States Farmers: A Pilot Study, Sharon C.Hunsucker PDF Identification of Early Markers of Occult Tissue Hypoperfusion in Patients with Multiple Trauma Injuries, Kathryn M.Feld PDF DEVELOPING A PREDICTIVE MODEL FOR PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING INTENT, Quentin E.

Dissertations and theses from before 2014 are generally accessible only to the CUNY community, but some authors have chosen to make theirs open access.

Nursing Students at the He LM: A Study of the Effect of a Health Literacy Module (He LM) on the Health Literacy Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Joy G.

Avolio PDF Exploring Self-Perceived Hand Hygiene Practices among Undergraduate Nursing Students, Anne Foote PDF Exploration of Fatigue in Second Year Nursing Students, Michelle Lynn Groundwater PDF Emergency Department Triage Acuity Assignment in Patients with Sepsis at an Academic Tertiary Care Centre: Predictors and Outcomes, Leon Daniel D.

Petruniak PDF Exploring the Health Issues of Hidden Homeless IV Drug users in a Mid-Sized Canadian Community., Kimberley Dobson PDF Understanding the relation between adverse events, patient characteristics, and risk factors among home care patients, Kimberly Anne Miller PDF Determinants of Hand Hygiene among Registered Nurses Caring for Critically Ill Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Candace Ryan PDF Exploring Health and Social Exclusion Within Hidden Homeless, Josephine Watson PDF Predictors of Women's Choices in Breastfeeding Initiation and Exclusivity at Six Months, Maureen Colledge PDF Exploring Predictors of Influenza Vaccination Among Hospital Based Nurses, Theresa Marentette PDF The effect of exercise experience on imagery use, efficacy beliefs, and body image among females., Lisa M.

High Link Examining the impact of chest tube-related factors on the risk of nosocomial infections in a community based hospital., Margaret M. Oldfield Link An examination of the relationship between perceived spousal social support and mood state of primiparous postpartum women, and the subsequent effect on maternal role identity., Jane.

Reiha PDF Health promotion initiative for booster seats: A school-based educational intervention., Jody Ann.PDF RACE-BASED DISCRIMINATION, OCCUPATIONAL STRESS, AND DEPRESSION IN BLACK REGISTERED NURSES, Arica A.Brandford PDF A LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION TO DECREASE RISK OF DEVELOPING TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS IN A RURAL POPULATION, Amanda Culp-Roche PDF END-OF-LIFE DECISION-MAKING IN PATIENTS WITH A CARDIAC DEVICE, Jessica Harman Thompson PDF ASSOCIATION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO IMMOBILITY AFTER MAJOR INJURY, Jacob T.PDF Exploring Clinical Instructors’ Perceptions of Competencies Required for Their Role in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program, Natalie Anne Bownes PDF Exploring Effect Moderation In Our Understanding of Hand Hygiene Predictors, Amanda Emily Mc Ewen PDF Student Nurses’ Perception of Sleep Quality, Nicole Wall PDF Exploring the Impact of Patient Perceptions of Health Care Provider Cultural Competence on Health-related Quality of Life among an Immigrant Population, Afef Zghal PDF Investigating Predictors of Prenatal Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy, Kathryn Corby PDF Camp Nursing As Clinical Placements For Undergraduate Nursing Students, Shelley Evans PDF The Effects of Introducing Prenatal Breastfeeding Education in the Obstetricians' Waiting Rooms, Donna Manlongat PDF Exploring the Factors Associated with Non-Urgent Emergency Department Utilization by Individuals with Mental Illness in Southwestern Ontario, Fabrice Immanuel Mowbray PDF Exploration of Fatigue in Fourth-Year Nursing Students, Kelly Riccardi PDF MEDICATION, ENVIRONMENTAL, AND PATIENT FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION DELIVERY TIMES, Catherine F.Medved PDF An Ethnographic Study of Pre-Graduate, Precepted Nursing Student Clinical Placements in Long-Term Care Homes, Marie Frances Meloche PDF Exploring Factors Associated with Non-Urgent Emergency Department Visits and Hospital Admissions for Diabetes Related Problems in Three Community Based Hospitals in Southwestern Ontario, Tomasina Malott PDF INFLUENCE OF VALUES AND EXPECTATIONS OF A HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT ON MIGRATION INTENTIONS OF NURSE GRADUATES IN A CANADIAN BORDER CITY, LE XIN PDF Political Advocacy: Beliefs and Practices of Registered Nurses, Crystal D.Burkoski PDF Emergency department nurses knowledge of and attitudes toward parasuicide., Kim M.Watson PDF Adaptation to breast cancer following an autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant: A prospective study., Christina Michelle.Moore PDF Biobehavioral Influences of Anxiety, Depression, and Hostility Symptoms on Health-Related Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure, Lynn P.Roser PDF Hearts in the Balance: The Impact of Desired Versus Received Social Support Needs on Persons with Heart Failure, Melanie P.Alhurani PDF A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL OF ANESTHESIA GUIDED BY BIS VS.STANDARD CARE AND EFFECTS ON COGNITION, Zohn Centimole PDF An Examination of Maternal Stress and Secondhand Smoke Exposure on Perinatal Smoking Status, Karen R.


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