Parallel Thesis Statement Structures

Parallel Thesis Statement Structures-11
Let's take a look at a basic example of a sentence that uses parallel structure. Also remember that commas are placed after each noun with the exception of the last item.

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So, how can we fix grammatical errors with parallel structure?

One of the easiest and most effective proofreading techniques is to simply read a piece of writing out loud.

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Try it risk-free This lesson will explain what parallel structure is and present examples of it. is credited with this infamous quote, but what makes it appealing to the reader?

Parallel structure is a stylistic device, and a grammatical construction having two or more clauses, phrases or words, with similar grammatical form and length. In parallel structure, sentences have a series of phrases or clauses, which start and end in almost a similar fashion, by keeping the rhythm of the lines.

These structures are repetitions that offer an enjoyable time for the readers to absorb and understand ideas, facts, and concepts.“I had been short, and now I was tall.It will also provide you with direction on how to use this literary technique and how to find and fix issues with parallel structure. Is it his use of repetition, with the word, 'can't?' What about the certain rhythm that his word choice presents?Hearing the flow of the sentence structure oftentimes reveals a lack of continuity in writing, and an error in parallel structure may be to blame.While reading aloud, do you hear the same kinds of sounds?Each parallel sentence follows a basic pattern, starting with pronouns and ending with nouns and adverbs, except the first line, which ends with an adjective.Parallel structure creates fluency in writing and enhances readability, as it uses patterns of words in a way that readers can easily follow, and relate them to each other.Correlative conjunctions come in pairs, such as 'not only' and 'also', 'or' and 'neither', 'if' and 'then'.You will need to have equal grammatical units after both parts of the conjunction.Remember that conjunctions are words like 'and,' 'or,' 'but,' 'yet' and 'so' that connect two parts of a sentence.You can also use correlative conjunctions to combine two phrases or clauses.


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