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Taking a self-determination theory perspective on parental need support, the quality of parental homework involvement was differentiated into two dimensions of parental supportive behavior: autonomy support and competence support.We analyzed the data of 309 parents (82% mothers) of school students (52% girls) who participated in an online survey.

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Most importantly, previous studies have shown that strong family-school partnerships (FSPs) may help to improve parental involvement.

However, there is little research on how FSP is related to homework involvement.

What they found was that socio-economically advantaged parents and those with a greater number of children in the family had a lower propensity to provide daily help with homework.

Higher math and reading scores also were shown to significantly decrease a parent's propensity to help with homework – a pattern that suggests that lower relative performance by students may prompt parents to provide daily homework assistance.The researchers sensed that parental involvement alone did not drive poor performance.And their study concluded scientifically that their hunch was correct.Recent studies have demonstrated that parental homework involvement may not always foster students’ desired school outcomes.Such studies have also concluded that the quality of parental homework involvement matters, rather than the quantity.By factoring in other variables, he and Hamlin found parental homework help can be beneficial for students in disadvantaged families, especially when compared to advantaged families."So we are encouraging especially parents from disadvantaged families to help with homework, to get actively involved at school, and stay actively involved in your child's education to compensate for this disadvantage," says Li.Li will present their research at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) this week in New York City.The earlier study out of the University of Texas-Austin and Duke University, was the largest ever at the time on how parental involvement affects student achievement.When kids are not doing well at school and parents are helping with homework, it may look like they are having a negative effect on their children when parental involvement is evaluated in relation to performance alone.Li's research suggests the opposite may be true, and that low student performance may actually explain parental involvement – a conclusion that runs counter to assumptions about parents of economically disadvantaged, lower-performing students being less engaged with their children's education than those of more economically advantaged, higher-performing white students.


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