Personal Belief Statements About Classroom Management

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Students have been so insightful, providing useful information for me on what is working in class, and what I can improve upon.

If students are disorderly and disrespectful, and no apparent rules and procedures guide behavior, chaos becomes the norm.

In these situations, both teachers and students suffer.

It takes a position – the classroom is a living community and everyone contributes – and conveys it well.

While you don’t need to fit everything you believe about teaching into a single sentence, it’s important to be able to express the most central part of your ideas and priorities as a teacher. All students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way.

If your educational philosophy actually is that everyone deserves a chance (or something similar), then be sure to make your statement unique by explaining how you see the principle of equality as relevant to education.

A provision to keep in mind is that if you can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with your philosophy (that is, disagreeing intelligently, for well-thought-out reasons), then you’ve probably landed on an obvious truism.I use multiple methods of teaching (linguistic, visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to reach students, so that no one is left behind.Why It Works: This explanation makes clear that this teacher believes that effective teaching brings everybody along together.We live in an era when research tells us that the teacher is probably the single most important factor affecting student achievement—at least the single most important factor that we can do much about.To illustrate, as a result of their study involving some 60,000 students, S.The interviewer wants to see that you understand your teaching philosophy and can describe it well. Also avoid generic and self-evident statements, like "everybody deserves a chance to learn." Sure, it's broad and applicable to many classroom situations, but that very universality and obviousness makes the phrase a problem.Simply put, if your philosophy is a truism or a cliché, it’s obvious you didn’t put much thought into it.Everyone in the classroom contributes as a student, teacher, and thinker.I learn from students as much as they learn from me.You can also make brief mention of educational theories or scientific studies that support your philosophy, or you can refer to other educators who exemplify your philosophy.You are trying to make it clear to your interviewers that you think carefully about how you teach and are well-educated on educational practices.


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