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The persuasive essay sample below includes a persuasive essay introduction example; a persuasive essay body example, and a persuasive essay conclusion example.

Below you can find a persuasive essay outline example for a 5-paragraph persuasive essay that is based on it. Introduction Having developed an outline, you can use it as your guide and actually write an essay.

Below is an example of a persuasive essay based on the outline discussed above.

A study done by Liz Dunn, a social psychologist, found that people were happier not when they were helped, but when they helped others.

600 Americans from all social classes participated in the study.

This study shows that giving brings a lot of joy and happiness to people.

Even the poor are happier when they help others, not when they help themselves.It is because during the receipt of presents people only consider the feelings of those who receive and usually ignore the feelings of those who give.However, the reality is that givers generally feel happier and more satisfied than takers.Read books, search for information online (but use only reputable sources), ask what your friends and relatives think.3. Know that you can convince your readers to support your position in the essay using three different methods.First, you can use reasons backed by facts to speak in your favor.The best way to do this is to follow these simple steps:1.Identify your stand on a given controversial issue.Therefore, people should genuinely care for others to be truly happy. Finally, Martin Luther King Junior, one of the most influential civil rights activist of the 20th century, noted that nobody can achieve personal greatness without giving.He claimed that unless people become selfless and altruistic, they will never grow.Conduct a thorough research on the issue to get more information that will help you develop a strong argument for your position.It is essential for a writer to study both sides of the issue in order to figure out how to beat counterarguments.


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