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If you work in economics but find yourself interested in another academic subject, you may have the opportunity to learn about that field as a part of your research project.You could consider a project which touches on a subject like history, sociology, business, politics, or psychology, for example.Additionally, many alumni will still have links with your university, so it may be possible to get in contact with them directly.

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If you're unsure where to start, or don't know what sort of project would be appropriate for your course, it's a great idea to look at previous students' projects.

In most universities you'll be able to access previous student theses in the library, so you should take advantage of this resource.

Your project could look at the implications of that same policy in a different country.

Or you could look at a similar policy in a different period of history.

Most academics worth their salt relish the opportunity to discuss their own research, so there is no reason to be shy.

In any case, it is always fascinating meeting those more experienced than yourself who have remained in the field.It is your supervisor's job to guide you, so keep in regular contact with them throughout the course of your research.You don't want to do the same project which has been done by a million students before.Once you have one or more ideas about a topic for your project, you'll want to ask for advice from people who have experience in assessing projects.You don't want to do a lot of work on a project idea, only to hear much later that your supervisor thinks your topic is not a good choice.To reiterate the above, definitely run your more ambitious topic ideas by your supervisor to help avoid the pitfall of going too niche and really falling down the rabbit hole.One general tip when coming up with a project or research question is to think smaller.While you should never copy someone else's idea, you can use it as inspiration.For example, perhaps someone has done a project on the economic implications of an international policy within a certain country.Do some basic preparation before meeting with a supervisor or lecturer – make sure you understand the basic facts of the subfield in which you're interested, and that you have some ideas about what your research question would be and what methods you would use to answer it – but make sure that you get feedback on your idea early in the process.This advice extends to the rest of the research project too.


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