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The initial composition of the team cannot be changed throughout the programme.

Which teacher or professor is grading your final product?

What are their preferences, ideals, or even aggravations?

For extra ideas and inspiration, check out some of this year's winners.

Whether it's a thesis topic, or a project at work, it's always wise to know your audience.

number of students involved, relevance of the experiment for master or Ph D graduation theses of one or more team members and scientific merit).

ESA Education reserves the right for final decision on participants allowed to be part of this programme.

Masters theses should reveal a capacity to carry on independent study or research and should demonstrate the student's ability to use the techniques employed in their field of investigation.

Doctoral dissertations should demonstrate technical mastery of the student's field and advance or modify current knowledge.

In the same respects, these qualities will be found within any good topic.

Beginning with originality as a goal, try to recall some things in life you have wondered about that you surmised at the time were probably rare thoughts amongst peers.


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