Photo Essay 101

These pictures have been published online to show the world the gravity of the poverty situation in the African continent.

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Young students of Prague started to fill up Malostranské náměstí with cardboard signs in their hands and eagerness in their heart, the kind that comes with a strong conviction to let the world hear their voices.

It was Prague students’ very own march for the “Friday for Future” movement, which was inspired by a young Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg.

This paper seeks to use a series of pictures representing poverty in Africa to identify how pictorial representation describes the intended event, crisis or situation; they knowledge they create and whether they produce any differing views in the reader/viewer.

The series of pictures shown above highlights the issue of poverty in Africa.

The pictures represent the suffering of majority of the African people as a result of many historical injustices and political conflicts.

Photo Essay 101

The website that shows this picture does not offer much description, it only mentions that poverty is in the eye of the beholder.Learn how digital media experiences can deepen student understanding of subject-area content, encourage critical thinking, and develop textual, aural, and visual literacies.Explore strategies for helping students analyze the purpose and context of images and understand how to communicate effectively and ethically with images.However, the crowding might indicate that these are refugees fleeing from a conflict zone or trapped in remote place with no food water and other basic needs.This do not come as a shock to fellow Africans or even people from other societies.The widespread use of coal mining and the usage of coal power plants has the Czech Republic ranked as the fifth biggest polluter in Europe and 20th biggest polluter in the world in terms of CO2 emission.Though the country pledged to reduce the emission to 40% by 2030 during the Paris agreement of 2015, constructive moves of government on public policies that restrict the emission are still required.The entire world knows that poverty as a disease affects Africa many times more than other regions of the world.African countries always come at the bottom of any indices that measure quality of life.This is where the Prague students’ Friday for Future march threw jabs with signs and chants that are not only straightforward and commanding, but also infused with snarky rhetorics.Even adult passersby could not help but smile and marvel at their passion as the younger generation was calling for action and taking in charge of what they dream of their own future.


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