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“Point-and-Shoot Memories: The Influence of Taking Photos on Memory for a Museum Tour” documented Henkel’s findings after taking two groups of students through an art museum.The first group was instructed to observe works of art for thirty seconds, the other group observed the art for twenty seconds and then photographed it; the next day, both groups were surveyed about what they remembered.

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And the very act of taking a photograph, now so common, affects how we remember an event.

A study by Linda Henkel, which appeared in last year, tried to measure the effect of photography on memory.

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It’s not that my memory improved but, instead, that I started archiving these events and ideas with my phone, as photographs.

Now, if I want to research the painter whose portraits I admired at the museum, I don’t have to read through page after page of my chicken scratch trying to find her name.“You know the style: ‘My mother is squinting in the fierce sunlight and holding, for some reason, a dead pheasant …my father, however, is in his element, irrepressible as ever, and has on his head that gravy velvet trilby from Prague I remember so well from my childhood.”Wood’s perfect parody concludes with the indictment that an “unpractised novelist cleaves to the static, because it is much easier to describe than the mobile.” By contrast, Don De Lillo has said that single images inspired some of his novels.When my own albums fail me, I go down the rabbit hole of Google image search.James Wood, in “How Fiction Works,” writes that photographs can deaden prose.You can write a piece on any of the photos posted on this page.We reserve the right to remove any content that is likely to offend or distress others; is discriminatory, abusive, obscene or otherwise offensive; or breaks the law (breach of copyright, defamation).“Did you make detailed notes that day, or do you simply remember all this? In fact, I had written the essay after studying photographs that I had taken of the man and his leeches.When she praised a specific bit of description, I had to admit that it hadn’t come about spontaneously—it was only after looking carefully at the photographs and trying out various metaphors that I settled on the idea that the leeches were gathered around the middle of the bottle like a belt. We will post a photo or illustration every Thursday.You can then write a piece in any genre using the picture featured in the post as your inspiration. If you’d like to submit your writing, go to ‘Click to Enter’ below the photo and enter the link to your piece.


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