Problem Solving Courses

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These skills are not something you possess naturally, they can be improved and developed by learning and practice.

During the problem solving training certificate, we will help you develop such skills.

Developing a solution to such a complex problem would require considering the problem as multiple kinds of problems, each with a different context.

At the personal level, the owners would need to consider their jobs, savings, assets, credit rating, and so on.

TONEX problem solving training certificate is in the form of an interactive workshop.

The seminar includes many in-class activities including hands on exercises, case studies and workshops.

Most people have said such things to themselves at some point.

Problems come in many sizes and degrees of complexity, but they are unavoidable in life.

Putting the Problem into Its Context After defining the problem, it is necessary to place the problem in context. Is it fundamentally a personal, group, or organizational (including business, corporate, educational, government, religious, and non-profit) problem?

Along with placing the problem in a structural context is the issue of the essential nature of the problem.


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