Project Management Cover Letter

You must show that you have the know-how to summarize key information and introduce yourself by showing out relevant details only.

Begin the letter by saluting and introducing yourself, as per the above.

Get into the habit of writing a cover letter for every job that you apply for.

The more you practice the quicker you will become at ascertaining the key points that you want to convey. If a job advert has specifically asked that you include a cover letter, by not including one you are severely jeopardising your chances of securing an interview.

It is always good practice to send a cover letter with your CV when applying for a job.

As well as being good practice, it is another chance for you to highlight your skills and experience whilst displaying your domain and company knowledge.

However, it’s also your business card and it needs to make recruiters curious about meeting you.

Take the time to research about the company, find the relevant information from your job experience and emphasize it.

In such a competitive market, it is attributes such as willingness and drive that separate the wheat from the chaff, and these are traits that are easily spotted by recruiters and Hiring Managers in good (and bad) covering letters.

More and more recruiters are treating cover letters as a vital addition to the CV, so with that in mind lets take a look at some of the major things to do and avoid when writing one.


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