Protecting Our Waters Essay

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An average person should drink at least eight glasses of clean water every singe day to be in good health.

If a person drank saltwater, they would eventually die because the cells in their body will dehydrate when they try to get rid of the excess salt from the water.

At least that’s the finding of , which shows almost half of Texas’ major industrial facilities violated their wastewater permit by pumping excrement, oil, grease and a range of other chemicals into the state’s waterways.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) lax enforcement of air pollution standards .

In the long run water pollution is going to harm us more than we now it, because a little bit of our ocean is dieing and sometime in the future its going to kills us.

The thing that's worries me the most is the animals.In about a third of the cases, these facilities — including refineries, city wastewater treatment plants and chemical companies — dumped waste into rivers, lakes and bays that the EPA has already classified as “impaired.” “TCEQ has a lax enforcement regime,” said Luke Metzger, executive director of Environment Texas. Many facilities don’t have any pressure to comply with the permits.” on the disparity in TCEQ’s enforcement between large corporate polluters and small business owners.It found that refineries and petrochemical plants with the resources to fight fines were hardly ever penalized for emitting harmful pollutants into the air while immigrant mom-and-pop gas station owners received several thousand dollars in fines, largely for recordkeeping violations.Another pollution issue, which is not brought up often, is thermal pollution.As you can see we have many problems in our waters and we need to protect the waters.(Internet source) Companies, industries and people litter in our waters and for sure that is not a good thing. Water is one of nature's most important gifts to mankind.Almost two-thirds of the 938 cases of wastewater violations involved facilities located in Jefferson, Nueces and Harris counties — home to Port Arthur, Houston and Corpus Christi, where the state’s largest industrial operations reside.Across the state, companies are dumping excess pollutants into rivers that are already struggling, which will extend the recovery process and be detrimental to the aquatic species and people who use it for recreation, Metzger said.The animals in the ocean are dieing everyday in the ocean because of the bad pollution we have right now.Every year millions of animals dies because of the water pollution we have and 65% of the sea animal's die because of the pollution.


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