Qantas A380 Business Class Seating Plan

Qantas A380 Business Class Seating Plan-10
Preferred seating is 12AB/JK if flying with family or 12EF if flying alone.

Whatever your circumstances, here's what you'll find on the Qantas superjumo and our top picks for each type of traveller.

Spanning 11 rows on the superjumbo's upper deck, Qantas' business class seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 layout.(While a rolling upgrade of the superjumbos starting in March 2019 will see these decade-old 'Skybed II' seats replaced by Qantas' latest Business Suite – the same seat as on the red-tailed Boeing 787 Dreamliners – that project won't be complete until the end of 2020, so you can still expect plenty of Skybed flying in the meantime.) The A380's business class cabin is divided into a small group of three rows of seats at the front, followed by the gallery and toilets, then eight more rows of business class.

Qantas worst J class seat Perth- Singapore & return on that crop duster they use for domestic flights the 737-800 (oh with winglets makes me more comfortable already). Simply the footrests lag and have done so for some years now.

Sat next to Kim Beazly once and he is a very tall and large man that could bearly get in his seat...bugger! A clear winner of a seat 10 years or so ago but no longer - it's not acceptable.

I flew in from HK last night on the A380 and the seats I had would not lie flat at all. New J fine this old one I personally will avoid the A380 until upgraded.

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Ironically in both directions they lost one of my bags.So handy to be able to slip into the lounge (from either seat E or F. QF is by far the most profitable of the three so they do something right.The A380 is such a quite ride that the bed is fine.As for the reduced toilet situation on the A380 (and now the 787) for 'Business Class' passengers don't get me started. Ditch QF for business on any Airline, usually SIA or Cathay, which ensure the 1-2-1 configuration.Intriguingly, the QF 320s from Brisbane to Singapore returnh ave the 1-2-1 configuration.But if noise from the galley or the chance of a baby nearby is a concern, keep on walking.Rows 18-19: Smack bang in the middle of the main business class cabin, these seats are as far away as you can get from the forward business lavatories, galleys and bassinets before approaching those at the rear, and being equidistant from the bathrooms means you're less likely to have people walking past your seats in the aisle.I'd recommend seats 11A or 11K but not really any other seats in row 11 as when someone walks through the cabin when dark to or from the 'Qantas couch' the light shines through which is quite bright and annoying when sleeping.Row 13 had little noise as there is also a sizeable cupboard for jackets between it and the galley.I was lucky enough to travel in Business Class aboard one of the Qantas A380's (admittedly, I prefer Qantas' old F in the 747's!when going to the US as an 'avgeek') this tiem though from Heathrow, and getting seat 13E which was nice.


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