Queen Elizabeth Leadership Essay

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The queen is certain that her troops would not let the situation degenerate to such an extent.

This paper set out to analyze the speech by Queen Elizabeth so as to discover the various ideas advanced through the speech.

The battle that England faces is against Spain, an equally matched opponent at that point in time.

The queen asserts that while some may view surrendering to Spain as the safe means, this would be equivalent to treachery to the motherland.

The queen aims to convince the troops that their fight is for a worthy cause and that their noble action of defending their country will not go unnoticed by the queen and the people of England.

Queen Elizabeth Leadership Essay Phd Thesis In Arabic English Translation

The queen empathizes with the soldiers and concedes that despite there being lives lost in the heat of the battle, England will be safe.Zahra Hussain, Ng Woon Neng, Janine Shum and Floria Gu – Winners and Runners-up of The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018.In recognition of their outstanding achievement, they will visit London to take part in a week of educational and cultural events, including an Awards Ceremony which takes place at Buckingham Palace.By making such a strong declaration, the queen aims to appeal to the patriotism of the soldiers.She further states that she is also ready and willing to die in battle for the kingdom of England together with her soldiers should she be called upon to do so.It is also apparent that Elizabeth believes that her country’s troops are not only a match for the Spaniards but that they have the capability of conquering the Spanish forces in battle.With this conviction, she predicts a short lived confrontation in which England emerges victorious.It takes inspiration from the life of Malala Yousafzai, opening with her famous quote 'One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.' She is a student at National Junior College, Singapore.As well as writing, she loves creating animations and looking after her dog.The queen’s ideas and beliefs will also be highlighted from the contents of the speech.This speech is addressed to the English troops at the battle field.


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