Quotations That Can Be Used In Essays

Quotations are a good way to comply with the no original research policy but must be used with care.Quotations must be verifiably attributed to a reliable source (see Wikipedia: Verifiability § Burden of evidence).

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For free or public domain material, usage of quote marks is not required by copyrights, but to avoid plagiarism; that is still wrong.

Explicit quotes must be used to provide clear attribution of wording to the original author(s).

You can include long quotations in your writing, although this is not an encouraged practice for most assignments.

Direct quotations longer than three lines need to be presented differently from shorter quotations.

This is a courtesy to any readers doing research, signaling that they may need to review the original source for the particulars, which may be more meaningful in their original context.

It is also a good-faith way to help other editors assessing the article to decide whether they need to examine this contextualization (whether by integration, compression of verbiage, or dropping of details) exhibits correct source interpretation and no original analysis or synthesis.

Longer quotes may need to be set apart, generally through the use of wikitext templates such as or the HTML blockquote element.

Longer quotations may also be hidden in the reference (footnote) to facilitate verification by other editors without sacrificing readability.

Wikipedia guidelines for proper attribution of quotes are found in WP: MOSQUOTE and WP: CITE.

Attribution should be provided in the text of the article, not exclusively in a footnote or citation.


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