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After writing the essay, put on your thinking cap to craft an impressive headline that matches contents of an essay.

Writing heading after everything else saves a lot of time. Use your thesis: When reading a heading informs you why you are reading it.

Since headline comes last, you can start creating thesis statement and writing the purpose of an essay.

It is practical to take part in creation of thesis statement. Use popular phrases and clichés: You can use popular phrases as a hook to generate essay title ideas. You can also adapt clichés to work for you when crafting the perfect heading. Use or paraphrase a quote: You can never go wrong with quotes from a famous actor or author.

But in academic circles, at least, it is still usual to enclose the titles of articles in journals and magazines in quotes, as well as the titles of chapters in books — hence my reference above to Geoff Pullum's article `Punctuation and human freedom'.

In British usage, however, we always use single quotes for this purpose, though American usage usually prefers double quotes here too.

This is because title is the first part that a reader sees, thus it is worthwhile to make it perfect.

Titling has been described as one of the most essential parts of an essay writing process.

Avoid copying other authors’ title verbatim; even if you use their titles make them yours.

You might be surprised to find many other writers having the same title as you. The right word always: Try to use the appropriate word when creating an essay title. For instance, when writing a technical essay, use technical terms that are peculiar to that field of study. Do not use jargons or abbreviations: Abbreviations can be shortening of words, contractions, initials or acronyms.


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