Raymond Carver The Cathedral Essay

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In addition, his wife had highlighted to him that the blind man had just lost his wife which meant that he was lonely.

But then the story gave a different twist to the character of the blind man.

The narrator continuously spurs different thoughts while both of them laughed and mingle with one another (Bullock, 344).

In one way or the other, it really seemed that the narrator had become jealous of the action and devotion of his wife to the man whom she had never seen for a decade (Facknitz 290).

In the continuing story of the cathedral, it was kind of unlikely that the narrator’s wife had kept a deep relationship with a blind man.

For a normal person, being close to a blind person is mostly irregular.On the other hand, Robert was nothing like others; he was very friendly and has a positive approach towards different kinds of things.Through the writing of the author, it could be felt that Robert is not close to a personality of a blind man.In some points of the story, the narrator was trying to wait for his name to come out to the mouth of his wife.But then, his wife never mentioned his name but only pertains to him as her husband.In the course of the story the narrator’s wife was described to have a close relation with Robert.As noted, she was clutching the blind man on his arm while they were walking.It was stated that the narrator did not have any clue to what type of person the blind man was.However, he does know that her wife was closely related to him before he even came to their house.Normally, the woman was having a small talk with her husband but it did not seem as if they had a deep connection unlike she and Robert has.It was also stated that Robert and the wife had a close relationship due to the tapes which they had been recording to one another in order to stay in touch with one another.


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