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It’s important to remember that it is not necessarily better for your original hypothesis to match your results, so you should never alter your data to make them match.

Sometimes results that don’t support the hypothesis are actually better science and open the door for further investigation.

This component of your science fair project report will demonstrate to your audience that you understand how to evaluate both your data and your experiment.

Finally, your science fair project report should address potential changes that might make your experiment more effective and identify areas for further study.

While writing up the results of your science fair project can seem challenging, it is also an opportunity to make your project stand out.

A well-written report highlights all of your hard work and can make the difference between an average science fair project and a truly stellar one.This will make your science fair project report look professional and also make it easy to read.Next, you should tell the reader if the results of your experiment supported your hypothesis or not.This is when you need to come up with an interesting science experiment that you’d like to conduct and then show it to your family and friends.A lot of students participate in such events so that you can go around during the fair and watch the experiments of other students.This includes selecting a topic or question you want to investigate, making a hypothesis or best guess at what will happen during the experiment, writing a list of materials and the steps you used during the experiment, describing the data you compiled and explaining your results.Of course, you will also want to use cardboard or poster board to create a display for your project.In most cases, vibrant colors, dramatic images and clear lettering will help your display stand out from the crowd.When it comes to writing up the results of your science fair project, the first step is to summarize what you discovered during your experiment.She has also served as interim associate editor for a glossy trade magazine read by pathologists, Clinical Lab Products, and wrote a non-fiction YA book (Coping with Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape).She has two books forthcoming covering the neuroscience of mental health.


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