Research Paper On Performance Management

Research Paper On Performance Management-83
Putting in place an effective employee performance management process and system takes more than procedure and documentation.It takes strong commitment from all stakeholders more importantly employees who are major participants in the process and also practice the procedure and documents in action.

The study focused on how PMS process was practiced, identify the purpose and challenges faced while implementing performance management in the case organization.Therefore, in this competitive environment the need for improved performance of each individual and teams working together to achieve organizational goals is the key to competitive advantage.To ensure market competitiveness performance management system is highly desired to develop the capacity of the employees and inspired them to put maximum effort in the realization of organizational goals.Increasing competition from businesses across the world has meant that all businesses must be much more careful about the choice of strategies to remain competitive.Everyone (and everything) in the organization must do what is supposed to be done to ensure strategies are implemented effectively.Performance management is a total company system, built into all HR activities concerned with looking to the future, to improvements, challenges and opportunities.Performance management is a continuous process, integrated totally with the way the organization is run [2].The study employed descriptive research method of study with stratified random sampling technique to select respondents and collected empirical evidences using questionnaire and interview.The study used both primary and secondary data for the study.To do this, employees’ performance has to be managed and this is not an easy job”.Improved individual employee performance could improve organizational performance as well.


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