Research Paper On School Uniforms

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Normally, public schools have the freedom of letting their students dress based on their preferences, or else provide them with school uniforms.

Despite pros and cons expressed regarding school uniforms, I personally support the idea that the benefits far outstrip the damages.

The current trends in school uniforms began in 1987 with the first school in Baltimore becoming the first to adopt the trend.

This was followed by implementation of a mandatory policy across the district in 1994.

Uniforms have been in use since time immemorial, mainly to maintain equality in the schools.

The use of uniforms to reduce dress-related violence was endorsed by the then president, Bill Clinton in 1996 (Holloman et al, 1996).

Several schools of thoughts and ideas continued to develop during the era of the witch hunt in medieval Europe. Annotated Bibliography Public School Uniforms Annotated Bibliography Alleyne, Sylvan I., Velma La Point, Jennifer Lee and Harold W. "Black Educators Views on Middle School Students Dress and Uniforms: Addressing Challenges from Commercialism." The Journal of Negro Education. Mitchell analyze the views of black educators on the challenges facing the middle school learners as a result of the use......

UNIFORM IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS AFFILIATION INTRODUCTION The issue of school uniforms has been an issue that has raised a lot of debate as to whether uniforms should be embraced or done away with.

The president’s move was after the schools had attempted to reduce the problems themselves, with little success.

Proponents of the policy claim good behavior,......


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