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He applies his tools to the analysis of the Moving to Opportunity experiment, which offers low-income families the opportunities to move to better neighborhoods.

“‘Ban the Box’ (BTB) policies were intended to reduce racial disparities in hiring by restricting employers from asking about the criminal backgrounds of job applicants.

But withholding information can have negative consequences on some the policy is meant to help.

This study shows big impacts of a scalable intervention using a very convincing randomized trial.

I expect it will be widely replicated as a model going forward.”Institutions of authors: Stanford University, Bridge Clinical Research, and University of California, Berkeley Main finding: African-American men are more likely to listen to doctors who are also African-American.

A field experiment finds that the BTB policy increased, rather than decreased, racial disparities in job applicant call-backs.”)Institution of authors: University of California, Los Angeles Main finding: Growing up in an affluent neighborhood leads to better economic outcomes as an adult.

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Nominating economist: James Heckman, University of Chicago, winner of the 2000 Nobel prize in economics Specialization: Econometrics and education Why?

The results are important for two reasons: (1) They show how detrimental lead exposure is, and (2) they show that the CDC intervention works to mitigate many of lead’s effects!

Kids who get the intervention see large improvements in educational outcomes and antisocial behavior – including fewer arrests for violent crime.

“This is the most compelling paper I’ve encountered in 2018.

By demonstrating the dominant role of dynastic effects in the transmission of resources across generations as the fundamental source of wealth concentration, it undercuts a host of explanations for wealth inequality that implicate personal decisions and judgments.”Institutions of authors: University of Colorado, Boulder; and University of Sydney Main finding: Exposure to lead negatively impacts kids for the rest of their lives.


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