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We use several different methods – whichever is the most appropriate.

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Reunited next morning with Outfit A, I note that it, too, hasn't suffered from a night spent draped over a chair.

Whereas conventional linen has a somewhat jowly, sack-like guise, this travel stuff tends towards a stiffer, more sheet-like, deckchair material; instead of moulding compliantly to one's contours, it tends to swish across the skin - nice to start with (and breezy, too), but a little wearing after a long day's slogging along the beach.

In order to discover the answer, I've embarked on an experimental travel-linen trip to a southern Mediterranean resort where the mean daily temperature is at least 20 degrees higher than in Tunbridge Wells.

The irst test is the plane journey, which involves surprisingly equatorial levels of heat, as we sit stewing on the Tarmac and twiddling malfunctioning ventilator nozzles above our heads.

What of the spare outfit, though, which has spent the journey jammed against a pair of walking boots and a bulging sponge bag?

It, too, has survived with barely a crease; no problem, then, meeting the hotel dining room's "smart-casual" dress code.

In addition to the storage options, it features some thoughtful touches such as adjustable sleeve cuffs and a storm flap over the main zip for added protection in windy conditions.

Offering rugged good looks and understated practicality, the Frontier Jacket is made from an extremely tough but lightweight polyamide with a tear resistant construction.

In fact, on returning to the hotel that evening I discover that I am in a state of mild-to severe nipple-chafe.

To test if this is the shirt's fault, I don a T-shirt underneath it for dinner; thankfully, come bedtime, I am able to downgrade the inflammation code from angry-red to low-alert pink.


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