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Because a thesis statement is such an important part of an essay or paper, it often gets its own scoring category on a rubric.For our example rubric, the category 'Thesis Statement' covers this.

Students often struggle developing good research questions. Students are given a brief lesson on developing a research question that includes a video produced by the University of Cincinnati.https:// I tweaked the rubric so each item is evaluated individually, so the student may get a total of 6 points.

I added a worksheet for students to write three questions they have about their topic, which are then evaluated by a peer (using the rubric).

This makes the total score for the paper 15 points. These will be: Thesis Statement, Organization of Ideas, Use of Sources, Bibliography, and Conventions.

Any good essay should begin with a clearly written thesis statement.

If you were writing a paper about a war, you wouldn't first start with a major battle, jump back to the causes of the war, jump forward to the outcome of the war, and jump back to explain who was fighting. Any topic you could write about can be clearly organized into a natural progression of ideas and facts.

The example mentioned above would earn a zero in this category on the rubric.Rubrics are especially useful when grading written work, as they provide a template for grading each student, even when their writing style and topic may vary.This lesson will provide an example of a rubric you can use when assessing research papers.Students are asked to rewrite at least one of the questions based on the feedback and evaluation of their questions.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.In this statement, the author should set out their topic so the reader knows exactly what they are going to be reading about.In a research paper, a thesis statement should clearly outline what the topic of the essay is and the broad category of facts that will be included.If you've ever taken a class, taught a class, or learned about teaching, you have probably seen a rubric.Rubrics are commonly used tools to set expectations and assess student work.A paper with a clear organizational style, good use of transitions, and natural progression of ideas would earn a three.It is in this grading category that a research paper becomes different from other kinds of essays.


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