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It is noteworthy that agriculture, and thus civilizations, emerged because of, and still rely on, the capacity of seeds to tolerate desiccation.Since water is essential for the continuation of life, and even for the maintenance of biological structures, surviving desiccation is not trivial and requires sophisticated cellular adaptations, notably at the molecular level.

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Disciplinarily, submissions are thus welcome from all fields of inquiry since the editors recognize that in many cases high quality research may not fit into any predetermined category.

Moreover, the journal will not exclude any energy source, technology, system, topic, or energy service from the scope of its articles.

Authors of single country studies, if submitted, must demonstrate that they have situated their study in the broader context and have highlighted the significance of their study.

In addition, studies that utilize primarily engineering methods and econometric models must primarily focus on the "social" side of energy use and clearly meet the aims and scope of the journal.

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Once any of these small (and mostly free) software is installed, add one of the feeds.Readers are actively encouraged to peruse past issues of ERSS to connect their piece to wider themes and discussions in the journal, especially the inaugural special issue available here.The journal publishes three types of articles:• Original research articles (generally between 6,000 and 10,000 words, including references)• Perspectives (generally 2,000 to 5,000 words)• Review essays (8,000 to 12,000 words)Articles submitted to the journal will undergo two levels of review.Energy production, distribution, and consumption all have both technical and human components, and the latter involve the human causes and consequences of energy-related activities and processes as well as social structures that shape how people interact with energy systems.Energy analysis therefore needs to look beyond the dimensions of technology and economics to include these social and human elements., comparative education, early childhood education, adult education, teachers' training, vocational education, educational technology, educational administration and management, curriculum development, education policies and management etc.The evolutionary success of angiosperms is largely due to the invention of the seed, a development that offered a major advantage for survival and dispersal of species.We also present the two- and three-dimensional shapes of all the solutions obtained in this study.We further give the physical meaning of all the obtained solutions.In most species, seeds undergo almost total desiccation in the late stage of their development.Seeds are thus anhydrobiotes (i.e., organisms capable of surviving desiccation).


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