Science Research Paper Rubric

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This sense is well captured by the holistic method.

A holistic rubric, closely based on a rubric by Bruce Birkett and Andrew Elby: The student has partially understood the problem.

To complete the assignment, you will use electronic databases to gather data on three different high schools (including your own).

You will use this data to locate each school within the larger social structure and to support your argument about the relationship between social status and public school quality.The discovery of Compton scattering was important in the early development of Quantum Mechanics because it illustrates the quantum nature of light and cannot be correctly described using classical electromagnetism.Desired Traits: Conceptual Elements Needed for the Solution Scale A note on analytic rubrics: If you decide you feel more comfortable grading with an analytic rubric, you can assign a point value to each concept.Apply the holistic rubric by marking comments and sorting the students’ assignments into stacks (e.g., five stacks if using a five-point scale).Finally, check the stacks for consistency and mark the scores.Your paper should be clearly organized, proofread for grammar and spelling, and all scholarly ideas must be cited using the ASA style manual.This was a lengthy and complex assignment worth a substantial portion of the course grade.The student is not completely lost, but requires tutoring in some of the basic concepts.The student may have started out correctly, but gone on a tangent or not finished the problem.In your paper you should also reflect on how your own personal educational opportunities have been influenced by the social factors you identify.Course readings and materials should be used as background, to define sociological concepts and to place your argument within a broader discussion of the relationship between social status and individual opportunity.


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