Second Language Advantages Essay

This is because being bilingual means you are constantly switching from one language to the other.Numerous other studies suggest that bilingualism can also reduce the risk of having a stroke.The recent Millennum Cohort Study found many educational benefits for bilingual children.

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Many studies show that those who speak a second language are more likely to be less distracted and more focused on tasks.

Even bilingual children who are educated in their second language, have actually been seen to outperform monolingual students in their native language.

Communication in the workplace is important, and more companies, especially those with international offices, are considering bilingualism a high priority.

Fast growing fields such as tourism, journalism and translation put great value on bilingual employees.

Image source Given the connected global society that we live in, more and more people recognize the importance of learning an additional language, and there is increased value placed on bilingualism. includes fluency in a second language you have given yourself an advantage; your chances of landing a job are greater than for people who only speak one language. According to an MIT study, people who know two or more languages earn an average of $128,000 more in their lifetimes.

Many professions in the United States and around the world require daily interaction with people who speak many different languages. Image source Language is the best introduction to a new culture – you are exposed to the cultural traditions that are tied to learning a language.

Here are just a few: Image source People who speak two or more languages have significantly better overall cognitive abilities than those who speak only one.

This includes increased memory, improved problem-solving, critical thinking, and planning skills, as well as an improved ability to multi-task.

As you study this in your foreign language, you’ll also gain a new awareness and understanding of your first language.

This, in turn, will help make you a better writer, speaker, and communicator -- in all of your languages.


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