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A company may only need basic wireless service and flip phones if employees seldom leave the local area.

For example, it might let travelers engage in unlimited texting on select flights. It makes sense for most firms to use cellular carriers that offer business-oriented plans.

A consumer-focused service might prove desirable if a small company has few or no employees.

To obtain the right features and avoid wasting money, business owners should compare several cellphone carriers and plans to find the plan that works best for their business.

As president of a comprehensive comparison engine for business and consumer cellphone plans, I’ve spent years analyzing the wireless industry and cellphone plan landscape.

The top carriers market wireless plans that cater to different kinds of business people, such as international travelers and tablet users who only want mobile internet access.

Bundles can reduce costs if companies genuinely need additional services."An increasing number of employees work remotely and are able to get work done on the road without missing a beat.

These devices make it easier for team members to communicate via voice, chat or email at any time.

They also empower workers to access robust data, utilize applications and contact customers right from their smartphone.

However, most executives find that individual plans supply unsuitable features and may not scale effectively as the company grows.

The most popular plans often include one or many of the following offers: • Multiple lines and devices at no additional cost. • Data-only plans for customers who don't need talk or text.


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