Smoking Restrictions Essay

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Other sources for ideas on how to develop or update a nonsmoking policy include a report published by the CDC, The most important factor in creating a smoke free business environment is having a solid understanding of the workforce.

By factoring in the needs of each employee segment, smokers and nonsmokers, and achieving some "buy-in," a small business can reduce or avoid problems down the road.

Employees who smoke must abstain from smoking while at work or must leave company grounds to smoke.

Other companies allow smoking in special rooms or areas dedicated to that purpose.

Many businesses have found the investment in or reimbursement for smoking cessation programs and tools to be money well spent.

Some companies even provide a monetary award to successful quitters.

These tend to be stricter than state laws and generally address smoking in public areas such as restaurants, grocery stores, and malls.

On the other side, a careful review of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and state and local law with regards to the rights of smokers and nonsmokers is also warranted.

Litigation in which a smoker claims that his or her addiction to tobacco is a disability covered by state and federal laws has occurred with more frequency, although not usually successfully.

However, given that any litigation, successful or not, is an enormous burden both financially and emotionally for a small business, it is important to proceed carefully.


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