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Think about the last time you tried to fill in the blanks or assume an answer without knowing all the facts. It is for this reason that we need to list what is given before any problem.The student should write it down at the top or side of the scrap paper so they always have it as a reference when doing the problem.

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You should have some idea at this point of the equation that will be needed to find a solution.

Specifically, we’re talking about equations here and the most important variables.

Here are some of the most popular key words for word problems: According to the chart above, we should use multiplication.

First, we should multiply the number of shelves per case by the number of cases. Next, we must multiply the number of books per shelf by the number of shelves. The last step of course is to check your work by seeing if the answer fits the question asked.

As they get older, they can start to visualize in their head but at a young age they should be drawing out a picture that explains to them what the problem is about.

The picture should take into account all of the aspects of the problem. We first have to find how many shelves he has and then find out how many books are on all of the shelves to know how many books he has altogether.It’s a simple process, but it will break down all the important elements of any math problem. Along the way to Seattle, a storm forces the plane to head north in order to get around it.The plane ends up crossing the Canadian border, but then has some engine trouble.After discovering what’s being asked of you – the length of the ladder – you realize that the Pythagorean Theorem is what you’ll need to solve it. Now you can simply fill in the equation with what you have already been given. Math word problems are notorious for giving you too many details. This means our final question needed to solve this math word problem will be super easy. That’s why this step is the last of the three questions. Simply enter your values into your equation, and crank out the right answer by solving the problem. If you know what you’re looking for, your answer should be in the right units. Knowing the question is more important than knowing what details you have. Only when you know the question you are answering and what you need in order to answer it can you then find the right details to answer it correctly. After you know a bit about the problem before you, we’re going to ask three questions about it.You can ask these three questions of any word problem, in any type of math. Take the following situation for example: A plane leaves Toronto, Ontario (Canada), heads to Newark, New Jersey, and then heads to Seattle, Washington.And it’s not as if somehow when you’re studying you can avoid math word problems. But before we try to break it down, it’s best to just try to figure out what this problem is about – generally speaking. You won’t solve it until you are at least familiar with the situation. Use these simple steps to solve every math word problem with ease (well – as much ease as you can have when solving math problems. There is an interesting difference between math word problems and simply solving an equation: math word problems don’t give you the equation. So much of math is about solving equations properly.


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